International Karate-D Shito-Ryu Federation

      Shihan Juan Larios, president and founder of International Karate-do Shito-ryu Federation, has been involved with the sport of karate for the past 45 years. During these past years, many of the inner-city communities have had the privilege of having Shihan Juan Larios share his knowledge of the sports. Throughout his past, he has been head instructor at the following locations: Hollendbeck Youth Center, South Gate Sports Center, Huntington Park YMCA, State Park, and Echo Park. Shihan Larios has shared that it has been an honor to not only be a teacher to many of his students, but also a friend.

      His goal when he began teaching karate was to produce well mannered, respectful, humble and disciplined athletes. He is proud today to say he feels he has succeeded. He has trained several students that have qualified and received gold medals at National and International Championships such as the World Championships, World Cup, All Japan Goodwill Championships, Pan-American Games and Pan-American Championships.

      Shihan Larios has been a member of the official USA National Coaching staff for the past 15 years and has had the opportunity to share and experience many precious moments with the USA Team Members and looks forward to share more rewarding moments with the USA team and his students.

The History of Shihan Juan Larios
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      The International Karate-do Shito-Ryu Federation, founded by Shihan Juan Larios, was established in 1989. I.K.S. has been centered in the inner-city areas of Bell, South Gate, East Los Angeles, and Huntington Park to help promote sport rather than drugs and gangs. You can also find branches of the IKS throughout Mexico and Honduras.

      Since the establishment of IKS, we have produced many champions such as Rodrigo Muro, Bobby Ortiz, Marissa Larios, Juan Luis Hernandez, Karina Mares, Humberto Vea, Shawn Vasquez, Aida Cruz, Alfredo Nunez and most recently Francisco Muro and Adolfo Bizzaro.

      This federation would not be successful without the assistance of the Sensei Yolanda Larios, Sensei Rodolfo Rosas, Sensei Leticia Larios, Sensei Marissa Larios, Sensei Manuel Morales, Sensei Luis Avelar, Sempai Rodrigo Muro, Sempai Francisco Muro and Sempai Edgar Ponce. For more Information, please call us at (323)560-5988 or visit us at 4650 Florence Ave, Bell, CA 90201.

The History of IKS