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International Karate-D Shito-Ryu Federation
Welcome to the School of Champions
     The training program that you have chosen for yourself will bring added enjoyment, better health and more meaningful existence to your life. You have probably decided to try karate for many reasons, ranging from self-defense to plain curiosity. Whatever your reasons, you can be assured that you will receive the finest karate instructions available.
     Our course involves professionally prepared exercises, techniques and programs of karate based on many years of dedication and karate experience. It assures you of steady, thorough progress toward the goals you desire. Everything required for maximum knowledge, proficiency and skill has been designed so that you follow each fundamental step with the next logical one. Because our training program is standardized, you can move from one I.K.S. branch to another with the authority of Shihan Juan Larios without retracting your steps or slowing your training process.
     The style of karate taught at all I.K.S. branches is called Shito-ryu. It is the first officially recognized style and one of the finest Japanese styles practiced throughout the world today.
Welcome to IKS!
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